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The pitfalls of self-prescribing

A male client in his fifties came to see me as he was experiencing chronic insomnia.  In fact, he said his sleep had been terrible for years but recently it was becoming unbearable and it was taking him hours upon hours to fall asleep.  The next day he would feel incredibly tired, but also wired at the same time.  It got to the point where he could not bear it any longer when he counted a total of only ten hours sleep for the whole week. This client had been diagnosed with haemochromatosis a few years ago – a condition which causes the body to absorb and store too much iron.  His iron levels, seven months earlier, were sitting at an alarming 1200 mcg/L (anything over...

How to lower your cholesterol – lifestyle

Stress can play a big part in elevated cholesterol levels.  Sometimes you may not even be aware that you're stressed.  This the tricky part because if you don't realise when you're in "flight or fight" syndrome, you can't do anything to stop your body releasing cortisol (via your cholesterol) into your bloodstream. If your stress remains constant then your liver has to make additional cholesterol in order to produce more cortisol (in response to the stress) thus raising your cholesterol levels. So how can you manage this stress response? Exercise.  A study published by Research Quarterly for Exercise investigated the effects of regular exercise on cholesterol levels with 20 men over 20 consecutive years.   As little as 30 minutes of exercise three times a week was enough...