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My healing story – 28 year old, law student

  This is one girl's story who took the time to write about her healing journey.  I am deeply grateful to her for taking the time and energy to explain, in her own words, the magical effects of herbal medicine.  I hope after reading this it will inspire you to try herbal medicine or, at least, encourage someone you know (who may be feeling overly stressed at the moment) to try it.   "I have been suffering from long bouts of fatigue, insomnia, stress and extreme exhaustion for the past few years (I'm a law student).  I've been to numerous doctors over the years in an attempt to try increase my energy levels or at least reassess what was going on - they couldn't seem to pick up...

Are you sick and tired of feeling tired?

Do you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning?  Do you feel you're running on empty? Don’t accept a low energy pattern – it doesn’t have to be that way - even if it's been that way for a long time.  If you’re feeling low on energy and you’ve lost all motivation, you may well have adrenal fatigue. Factors such as stress, no work/life balance, poor nutrition and/or an unhealthy lifestyle can all be culprits.  Sometimes even a small deficiency of vitamin B3 can lead to adrenal fatigue. But adrenal fatigue is just one reason for having low energy levels – you may be trying to do too much, not eating well, not getting enough sleep, not exercising, not getting out in the daylight or...