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I had severe acne, was on Accutane, it didn’t work. I took herbs and my skin has improved. I’m thrilled and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Thomas, university student

During times of hormonal peaks such as during adolescence, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, disordered hormones can break out through your skin and cause more distress than necessary.

Stress can also add to the burden. Research suggests that students disposed to acne are even more prone to outbreaks during exams compared to other, less stressful times. And acne isn’t the only skin affliction we can have – dry skin, psoriasis and eczema are also common.

All these conditions can be improved starting from the inside with herbal medicine. It makes sense that if you look after your body’s insides, then it will reflect on the outside. So herbal medicine cleans you from the inside, so your outside can glow again.

My skin tonics support your liver, which in turn regulates your hormones and detoxes your whole body. The result is not only clear, glowing skin but also an improved confidence for you or your teen.

Herbal medicine:

supports and detoxes your liver

cleanses your gastro-intestinal tract

balances and harmonises your hormones

fosters healthy, glowing skin

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Something you can start now ...

Have x1-2 cups of Dandelion tea every day to cleanse and detox your liver to help improve your complexion.

Daily Wellness Tonic

Blended specially for you during a consultation, containing plant medicines and flower essences to

assist your body to cleanse and detox

support your liver and regulate your hormones

help other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

foster healthy, glowing skin

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