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Burns, Bites & Stings Soothing Gel

Great for minor kitchen scalds and sunburn.  Apply immediately after a scald and keep applying until the scald stops stinging.  For sunburn, apply to affected area as soon as you can to cool it down and avoid peeling.  Keep reapplying the gel as many times as you like.  If applied the same night, the sunburn can be gone by the morning.

Burns, Bites & Stings Soothing Gel has an anti-histamine effect, so it takes the sting away from an insect bite and relieves annoying itches that can become infected with scratching.  Apply it immediately after a bite or sting.  A summer essential!

If you’re already a client of The Wellness Company, please email tracie@thewellnesscompany.com.au to place your order.  Products can either be collected from the clinic or posted to you.


Tracie Lynn