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Why You Need Coconut Oil in your Life

“Coconut Oil kills 93% of colon cancer cells after two days of treatment.  A recent laboratory study has shown that lauric acid (lauric acid makes about half of the content of coconut oil) eliminated 90% of colon cancer cells after two days of treatment” as stated by the HealthandLove blog.

Apoptosis is a process in your body which removes damaged cells.  Short-chain fatty acids induce apoptosis in colon cancer cells associated with changes to intracellular redox state and glucose metabolism,  (Matthews GM, et al.  Chemotherapy 2012).  The HealthandLove page goes on to say

“What is interesting is that lauric acid contaminated cancer cells by releasing intense oxidative stress and by effectively reducing the levels of glutathione in cancer cells at the same time.  Glutathione is used by cancer cells to protect from oxidative stress.  There are only a few studies which have highlighted the anti-cancer properties of coconut oil”.

However, coconut oil has been known for it’s healing properties and health benefits for many years.

Coconut oil also contains short term medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs) which is a healthy form of fat vs a trans fat (a chemically processed fat).  MCFAs fuel brain and muscle function and a study has shown that coconut oil reduces abdominal obesity.

Michelle Chevalley Hedge, Nutritionist, advises “If you suffer from poor digestion or tummy bloating, try adding some coconut oil to your diet as coconut oil has been found to benefit digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome and microbial related tummy bugs”.

It is a well-known fact that coconut oil can successfully eliminate bacteria, various viruses, parasites, fungi and harmful microorganisms.  Coconut oil also supports digestion, aids liver metabolism, improves skin health, reduces inflammation and accelerates wound healing.

If you constantly crave sweet things, your constant “hunger” can be a clue to suggest that your body is not being fed the right foods.  With the proper amounts of fats and protein, you can fuel your energy reserves, and come off the sugar roller coaster.  So, instead of reaching for the lolly jar, try eating a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil to beat sugar cravings.

I would suggest eating a teaspoon of coconut oil morning and night to help ease digestive problems.  Or you can add a teaspoon to your breakfast smoothie.  Or you can use coconut oil to cook with as it has a higher smoking temperature than most oils so does not oxidise and cause free-radical damage.  When your digestive system needs a vegetarian delight you can pan-fry zucchini, kale, broccoli, snowpeas with lemon, garlic, ginger or chilli and it’s relish!

Healing your body with healthy foods is essential and herbal medicine is simply concentrated nutrition. The healing power of plant medicines can help your body eliminate toxins accumulated in your circulatory system, your lymphatic system, your liver and other organs.  A Daily Wellness Tonic blended specially for you with plant medicines and flower essences will help to keep you cleansed, nourished, energised and lift you into a positive mindset.  The tonic is especially useful for digestive issues as the liquid extract gets assimilated directly into your bloodstream, by-passing the entire digestive process to enable faster healing.

If you feel that herbal medicine could help you, please contact me on 0425-817727 or email tracie@thewellnesscompany.com.au as I’d love to hear from you.




Tracie Lynn

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