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My story

Mum of three. Wife. Work-and-family life juggler. I love yoga, pilates, running and meditation. And I'm passionate about plant medicines, eating clean and green juices.

I take a positive outlook. Let’s face it, what’s the alternative? Each day, as I witness my clients regain their energy and rediscover their joy, I become more inspired and positive about what life can offer. And I trust that my positivity radiates to everyone I treat.

My philosophy to treat naturally came about after going through continual rounds of antibiotics during my early twenties for sore throats, coughs, colds and flu. I was frustrated – I kept going to the doctor for help but I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere towards finding a sustainable solution to my health problems.

Then I found myself managing a natural therapy centre called Zen in Darlinghurst, Sydney. It was there that I was blessed in meeting a wonderful herbalist. I watched her closely, fascinated with her ability to help improve people’s lives naturally and I became curious. Could herbal medicine work for me?

Once I started taking herbal medicine, it completely changed my life. No more trips to the doctor! But the best thing was that I felt empowered about looking after my own health and keeping myself well.

Eventually, the power of plant medicines and flower essences was so evident to me that I wanted to find out more. I decided to train under the matriarch of herbal medicine in Australia, the late Dorothy Hall. In doing so, I found my true passion and there was no looking back.

While I was studying I treated family and friends with amazing results. My children have never needed antibiotics or any pharmaceuticals – they know to come to me for natural healing. In fact, my sixteen-year-old son was really worried recently because his throat hurt and he was convinced he had some terrible disease.   Luckily, it was just a sore throat (which we fixed overnight with a Super Immune Boost tonic) but because he wasn’t used to feeling sick it scared him!

With over 18 years’ of experience successfully treating clients with plant medicines, coupled with a great deal of life experience, I am confident I can help make a difference to your overall health and wellbeing as well.  I keep myself constantly updated with the latest research and a program of education to help inspire, teach and motivate me to continually improve my service for you and be the best Naturopathic Herbalist I can possibly be.