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5 Reasons To Spring Clean Your Home

My favourite time of the year, spring symbolises new beginnings and is the traditional season to have a good clear out.  Here’s 5 reasons why you should too.

  • By removing things which are cluttering up and blocking the energy flow in your home, you will improve the energy in your living space
  • As you clean your house, you clean up your own energy, allowing you to think more clearly
  • Traditional Feng Shui principles says that decluttering your kitchen will improve your health.  So clear out your fridge, freezer, pantry, chipped crockery, things you no longer use and electrical things that no longer work
  • Bring in new plants to refresh the energy of your space and to symbolise the energy of new beginnings
  • If you didn’t know, Spring is THE season to fall in love!  So, if you’re single literally make space in your life for another person.  Clear out your closet leaving plenty of room free, cleanse your bathroom leaving space for another and wait for the magic to happen!
Tracie Lynn

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