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My healing story – 28 year old, law student


This is one girl’s story who took the time to write about her healing journey.  I am deeply grateful to her for taking the time and energy to explain, in her own words, the magical effects of herbal medicine.  I hope after reading this it will inspire you to try herbal medicine or, at least, encourage someone you know (who may be feeling overly stressed at the moment) to try it.


“I have been suffering from long bouts of fatigue, insomnia, stress and extreme exhaustion for the past few years (I’m a law student).  I’ve been to numerous doctors over the years in an attempt to try increase my energy levels or at least reassess what was going on – they couldn’t seem to pick up on anything, all my tests were coming back stating I was in good health.  At one stage I was having multiple coffees a day but to no avail – I was still feeling sluggish, unfocussed and exhausted.  That all changed when I met Tracie Lynn in mid-December 2018.

On recommendation of my friend, I had a consultation with Tracie.  She was welcoming, friendly but very professional.  She is also remarkable at her job; during the consultation she picked up a health issue I had with my lungs during childhood that I had forgotten to tell her about.  I explained my situation with stress and that I just needed more energy, I also mentioned my chronic hay fever that I suffer with.

Upon assessment, she knew exactly what to put into my tonics to ensure my stress levels, energy levels and hay fever were all well under control.

After a week, I was already feeling like a new person.  I was so shocked by the improvement in every area of my life that I bought my friend one of  Tracie’s “Vitamin C” tonics for a Christmas present.

I’ve now been on the tonics for two months and the improvement is remarkable.  My energy levels are through the roof, I am down to one coffee a day – but in reality I could probably ditch coffee altogether.  My stress levels are at an all-time low and I feel more in control of my life.

As my stress levels are down, my mood is also very balanced and pleasant; things that would have upset me in the past don’t anymore.  Because of the lack of stress and heightened mood, my sleep has never been better.

I am just so impressed with how much improvement I have felt in such a short amount of time.  I literally swear by these tonics now, especially if someone is going through a stressful time/has a stressful job or you’re just feeling exhausted and worn out.  This stuff will honestly change your life”.

If you’d like any more information about herbal medicine and whether it’s right for you, please contact me on 0425-817727 or call the clinic on 9389-6955 as I’d love to hear from you.

Tracie Lynn

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