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Menopausal mood swings, hot flushes and brain fog … and what to do about it!

Menopause heralds the official end of your reproductive years – your ovaries no longer produce eggs and oestrogen, so getting your period is now something in your past.  Your transition from full reproductive years to menopause is known as perimenopause and, during this time, you can experience the same symptoms as when you’re in menopause.

For many, perimenopause and menopause causes significant hormonal disruption, bringing with it a range of possible symptoms such as brain fog, hot flushes, headaches, sleeplessness,  palpitations, low libido, frequent bladder infections, anxiety, irritability and mood swings.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms during your menopause transition, plant medicines and flower essences, blended for your unique experience, can help alleviate them.

Plant medicines used for menopause and perimenopause help support your hormonal system, bringing you gently into balance.  You can also help yourself by making healthy food choices, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and, most importantly, taking time out to consciously breathe and relax.

And the good news is that post-menopause you will have more energy, less fatigue and strange food cravings or binges will disappear.  Midlife can honestly be the most positive, passionate and confident time of your life, bringing with it gifts of deeper understanding and greater self-esteem.

In fact, many cultures view the cycle of menopause as a transition into the “wisdom years”.  In indigenous cultures menopause is embraced and women feel honoured to become the “wise women” of their tribes.  So that’s how I like to view menopause, embrace it and feel empowered as a “wise woman”.

However, if you would like to know whether herbal medicine can help you during your perimenopause or menopause cycle, please email tracie@thewellnesscompany.com.au as I’d love to help.





Tracie Lynn

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