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Is there a natural alternative to sleeping pills?

Most definitely!! Did you know that prescription sleeping pills are well-known for causing memory loss?

The popular American drug Ambien (also known as Stilnox amongst other brand names) has been termed the “amnesia drug” and some side effects include night terrors, sleep walking, sleep driving (obviously life-threatening, can you imagine?!) and hallucinations (plain scary!)

Prescription sleeping pills have been found to put you in a state similar to being passed out drunk or in a coma while bypassing the restorative sleep your brain needs.

Ambien, Lunesta and Sonata sleeping pills are known to cause memory loss as cited by Richard C Mohrs, PhD former vice chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Most importantly is to find the root cause of why you’re not sleeping. Every person is different; you may have too many thoughts which you can’t switch off, you may lack magnesium and therefore your muscles are not able to relax, you may have a worn out irritable central nervous system on the verge of collapse or you may simply have too much entertainment going around in your head!

A Best Ever Sleep Tonic can be blended with plant medicines and flower essences specially for you to help you get to sleep quickly, and wake up refreshed and energised. And, even better, be healing you whilst you sleep – a dream come true!!

Tracie Lynn

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