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How To Heal A Sore Throat Naturally

A sore throat can be painful, uncomfortable and can make you feel pretty sick.   Here’s some natural ways to ease your sore throat at home:

  • Rest.  Pain means inflammation or infection and is a warning that you need to stop and rest.  With rest your body has a chance to recover.
  • Gargle.  With salt water or my Antiseptic Mouthwash to heal any soreness or inflammation.
  • Drink.  Plenty of water to flush the toxins through your body and sip on liquorice tea as it can also be effective in reducing any soreness.
  • Soothe.  Mix a teaspoon of slippery elm powder with water to soothe, heal and gently line your throat.  Slippery Elm is a traditional remedy for Native American Indians to relieve coughs and colds.
  • Eat.  Take a teaspoon of honey, one of nature’s wonder foods, for it’s antibacterial and soothing properties.  Medicinal grade Manuka Honey is the most effective.
  • Boost.  Increase your Vitamin C levels with my Best Ever Vitamin C tonic or suck vitamin C tablets.
  • Heal.  Your Super Immune Boost tonic is the best remedy.  Keep a bottle in your kitchen cupboard so you will always have it handy at the first sign of a tickle in your throat to stop the bug in it’s tracks.  Better than a flu jab!

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Tracie Lynn

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