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How To Beat Hay Fever!

If you suffer from hay fever then you know just how uncomfortable, annoying and unbearable it can be.  You may be experiencing itchy eyes, an itchy throat, possibly a streaming nose and stinging red eyes along with non-stop sneezing.  Combine that with not being able to enjoy the sunshine outdoors and possibly not sleeping well can make springtime a miserable season.

You can use sprays, tablets and pills to relieve the symptoms but it’s not addressing the root cause of the problem.  By healing your body with herbal medicine and healing the root cause, you are likely to knock hay fever on the head for good!

Herbal medicine can help strengthen your mucous membranes to withstand attacks from the pollen, dust mites, cat fur or whatever particular allergy you may have.  Often your vagus nerve (which is responsible for producing allergic responses) will need treating.

For seasonal allergies such as hay fever, it’s also  important to support your liver to help adapt to the change of season and you can have a spring tonic blended specially for you to meet the demands that nature brings.

A spring tonic blended with high vitamin C (acts as an anti-histamine) Vitamins A and D (to strengthen your mucous membranes) some iron, a liver support and your specific nervine to calm and soothe your central nervous system can be the answer to your allergy problems!

Some home remedies in the meantime that you can try include:

  • Peppermint Tea – this relieves both nasal and sinus congestion
  • Nettle Tea – helps relieve respiratory tract inflammation, eases nasal congestion, itching and sneezing
  • Liquorice Tea – can help to reduce irritation of the respiratory system
  • Chamomile Tea – useful to relieve hay fever symptoms
  • Green Tea – blocks the production of histamine and builds the immune system
  • Local honey – when ingested creates immunity to the allergens

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