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Healing injuries

``After falling off a quad bike and tearing my ACL, not only couldn’t I walk, but specialists recommended surgery for a full recovery. I needed to give it time for the swelling and bruising to go down and build my strength. I thought the best way was to become stronger and look after myself from the inside to out. I started seeing my PT twice a week and a friend recommended Tracie’s expertise. After three months of Tracie’s tonics, Bumps & Bruises cream and Sleep Tonics, I was feeling stronger and more balanced. I’ve managed to make a full recovery without surgery. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been possible without Tracie – THANK YOU! xx ``
Eva, advertising sales representative

The gentle power of plant medicines can help expedite the healing of knee, shoulder and back injuries more quickly and, in some cases, they have helped patients avoid going through surgery to repair the injury.

If you have an injury that’s just not getting better, then herbal medicine can support your recovery by helping to strengthen bone, ligaments and muscle tissue.

Herbal medicine:

strengthens and rebuilds connective tissues

helps repair injuries more quickly

is useful for slow healing wounds

can help repair bony tissue and osteoporosis

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Something you can start now ...

Apply Bumps & Bruises Wonder Balm to the site of the injury. This cream contains Comfrey also known as ``knit bone`` which is an ancient herb used for it's ability to literally knit broken bones back together after they have been attended to medically. Also excellent for healing torn ligaments and muscles.

Daily Wellness Tonic

Blended specially for you containing plant medicines and flower essences to

strengthen and rebuild bones (after surgery or medical attention)

help repair connective tissues

strengthen whole body and keep circulation healthy

supply essential vitamins and minerals necessary for faster healing

useful for slow healing wounds and osteoporosis

select Your Remedy No.2 for a natural anti-inflammatory tonic

Best Ever Vitamin C Tonic

Blended specially for you containing Bach flower essences to lift you into a positive mindset to

add to your Daily Wellness Tonic for healing injuries

improve your circulation

assist with any inflammation

To help reduce pain

give you plenty of anti-oxidants

give you safe, fast energy

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