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'I first met Tracie when my partner and I had been trying to fall pregnant with no luck. After using her fertility tonic, I fell pregnant within the first month of taking it. I realised it wasn't just luck when we tried for our second. We tried again for months with no luck, so I decided to go and see Tracie again. I started taking the fertility tonic again and fell pregnant straight away. I think it should be renamed as the Miracle Baby Tonic!'
Liz, school teacher

Are you thinking of starting a family? If you are, you’ll want to support your reproductive system. Herbal medicine can help to naturally harmonise your system and regulate your menstrual cycle, gently preparing your uterus, and strengthening, nourishing and detoxing your whole body.

You’ll also want to start preparing your body at least three to four months before trying to conceive. With the help of specially blended plant medicines and flower essences, you’ll increase your fertility as well as heal and balance your whole system, giving you your best chance to conceive a happy, healthy baby.

When you come in for a consultation, I’ll prescribe a fertility tonic – some people call it the ‘love tonic’ – for both of you. The tonic is tailor-made to each partner’s individual requirements for best results.

Your fertility tonic:

can help harmonise your cycle

will strengthen your body and boost your fertility

is a blended personalised ``love tonic`` for you and your partner

select Your Remedy No.1 to find out what's best for you

Something you can start now ...

The first stage is to detox from harmful toxins such as cigarettes, alchohol, drugs, coffee and to minimise your refined sugar intake.

Daily Wellness Tonic

Blended specially for you during a consultation, containing plant medicines and flower essences to

gently bring your cycle into harmony

prepare your body and eliminate toxins

balance your hormonal system

strengthen, nourish and heal your body

provide essential nutrients for a healthy baby

Select Your Remedy No.2 if you need some inner calm

Inner Calm Flower Essence

Blended specially for you containing Bach flower essences to lift you into a positive mindset

for whenever you are feeling anxious

to increase your confidence

to let go of fearful thoughts

for those times when you feel overwhelmed

to alleviate possible doubts

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Are you thinking of starting a family?

For more information on fertility please email tracie@thewellnesscompany.com.au to find out how herbal medicine can help you.

If you'd like to make an appointment, please call the clinic at Sydney Essential Health on 9389-6955.

I look forward to helping you on your journey.