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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m concerned that I won’t like the taste of herbal medicine?

Taste is important and I take time to ensure that you are happy with the taste of your tonic.   Most clients say that they like actually the taste of their tonic and often they say “I love the taste!”.   At worst, they say that it’s not too bad.

How many appointments will I need?

This depends on you and your specific health condition.  Some clients visit once and one tonic is all they need to get back into balance.  Other clients use the tonics to simplify their supplements by having all the nutrients they require in the one bottle, so they may check in every three to four months.  Mostly, clients come once every six weeks to review their progress and tweak their tonic until they feel better.

When will I feel better?

Everyone is different.  The general rule is that if you have had a health condition for several years then, for each year of illness, it takes one month to heal with herbal medicine.  However, some clients can start to feel better from the very first dose.

How long will I need to take herbal medicine for?

Again, this is different for everyone.  For some it may be four to six weeks.  Others may take their tonics as part of their daily routine, preferring the ease of taking liquid extracts versus tablets or capsules.  An added bonus is that the liquid extracts get assimilated into your bloodstream immediately, bypassing the digestive process and making them far more effective than tablets or capsules.

Will I need to change my diet?

If your health will benefit from adjusting your diet, we will work together on what’s right for you and introduce any necessary changes gradually.

How do I get my own wellness tonic blended for me?

You book in for a consultation during which I will take a detailed case history.  Then I will do a hair, nail and facial diagnosis, along with an Iridology reading, to determine the root cause of your health issue.  Once we know the root cause, I’ll blend a wellness tonic and ask you to taste-test the blend before you leave.

Can I order tonics on-line?

If you’re already a client of The Wellness Company, please email tracie@thewellnesscompany.com.au to place your order.  You can either collect your tonics from the clinic or we can post them to you.

How do I pay for my products?

If you’re an existing client, you can send me an email with your order.  Once we have received your order, our receptionist will call you for payment over the phone with MasterCard or Visa.  You can then either collect your tonics from the clinic, or we can post them to you.

When will I receive my products?

Please text me your order and it usually reaches the client within a few days.