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What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

I'm super excited to be offering this new service!  We simply take a sample of your hair (not much is needed) and we send it off for mineral analysis. Minerals are your "spark plugs" in the chemistry of life and have inter-relationships with every other nutrient in your body.  Without the optimum mineral levels in your body, other nutrients cannot be effectively used. This test is useful for health issues associated with absolute or relative mineral deficiencies such as thyroid imbalance toxic metal accumulation, hormone disruption osteoporosis fatigue adrenal insufficiency chronic inflammatory conditions anaemia rheumatoid arthritis. Causes of mineral imbalance are many and include stress (physical or emotional) diet (excess refined carbohydrates/alcohol/fad diets) medications (well known effects of diuretics include sodium loss, and antacids, aspirin and the contraceptive...

How To Beat Hay Fever!

If you suffer from hay fever then you know just how uncomfortable, annoying and unbearable it can be.  You may be experiencing itchy eyes, an itchy throat, possibly a streaming nose and stinging red eyes along with non-stop sneezing.  Combine that with not being able to enjoy the sunshine outdoors and possibly not sleeping well can make springtime a miserable season. You can use sprays, tablets and pills to relieve the symptoms but it's not addressing the root cause of the problem.  By healing your body with herbal medicine and healing the root cause, you are likely to knock hay fever on the head for good! Herbal medicine can help strengthen your mucous membranes to withstand attacks from the pollen, dust mites, cat fur or whatever particular...