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If you suffer from hayfever then you know how irritating and unbearable it can be. Itchy eyes and throat, runny nose and stinging, bloodshot eyes are just some of the symptoms you have to put up with, not to mention all that sneezing. Combined with not being able to enjoy the sunshine and the likelihood of your sleep being affected, certain times of the year can make you pretty miserable.

If it’s one of those times, you probably know already that hayfever is an allergy. When your body comes into contact with a substance to which it is allergic, it’s either your liver or part of your involuntary nervous system that responds, resulting in the release of histamine. And because histamine is transported to every part of the body via the bloodstream, it’s your whole body that suffers.

As well as histamine, your vagus nerve, part of your involuntary nervous system, also plays a role in producing allergic responses. Together, they form part of your body’s defence systems, but when you have an allergy, these systems over-react, causing all too familiar symptoms.

There are sprays, tablets and pills to relieve the symptoms, but those things don’t address the root cause of the problem. Herbal medicine does though – it treats your whole body, not just symptoms, to knock hayfever on the head for good. It’s rich in vitamin A and other essential nutrients to help strengthen your mucous membranes and withstand attacks from the pollen, dust mites, cat fur or whatever your trigger is.

Herbal medicines:

boost your body's natural immunity

strengthen your mucous membranes

support your liver

increase essential vitamin A

provide freedom from hayfever

select your Remedy No.1 to find out how

Something you can start now ...

Try eating oranges as they contain natural anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories and can also boost your immune system.

Daily Wellness Tonic

Blended specially for you during a consultation, containing plant medicines and flower essences.

a natural anti-histamine

to heal your central nervous system

to support your liver

to strengthen your mucous membranes

as a natural anti-inflammatory

you may need Your Remedy No.2 as well

Inner Calm Flower Essence

Blended specially for you containing Bach flower essences to lift you into a positive mindset.

whenever you are feeling anxious

whenever you start sneezing or have hay fever symptoms

to let go of negative thoughts such as fear

for those times when you feel overwhelmed

if you are experiencing too many thoughts or scattered energy

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